Star Seeds Cafe


3101 N I H 35

Austin, TX

(512) 478-7107


Located just under the northbound deck between 31st and 32nd St, the atmosphere is the classic Austin mix of funky, hip, and laid back.  The food is awesome and the portions are generous.  Try the Migas.  After you shovel in the first bite, you’ll actually stop chewing and be like, “Damn… that’s awesome right there.”


The outside looks like a Jalisco taco joint attached to a funky motel, but the inside is classic American diner.  When you walk in you’ll first get the impression that it’s too small, but there is plenty of seating with lots of large booths and a long counter.  The bathrooms are a trip with the black paint and graffiti personalizing the walls, and somehow that’s just the way you wanted it to be.  You’re server will have tattoos, be dressed in a thrift store ensemble and more than likely have a pierced septum (among other things I don’t usually ask about) and they are some of the nicest people in town.


I have no idea how crowded it must get after sixth street closes but the Star Seeds is open all the time, as in right now this very minute.   When you get there don’t forget to add one of their t-shirts to your order for just $4.99.


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