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The Pixies – Gigantic

Posted in Duly Noted on May 18, 2009 by dvcmann

Figured perusing the blog with some tunes would be a good thing.

Just click’n’read:


Digging Through the Spam Filter

Posted in (UPA) on May 18, 2009 by dvcmann

Most of the time the spam filter here does a pretty kick-ass job of keeping out the marketers and creeps.  No, I don’t need your link to the best Texas Hold ’em site on the web, or your insurance deals, no secrets to male enlargement, thank you.  I’ve got the cheap penis insurance thing covered for when I’ve played too much online poker, so I don’t usually check the filtration system.  But when I wandered down to the blog basement today I noticed that a couple of possibly real people had posted a few things that were pretty spamtastic, so I dug them out.

Like any filter you neglect for too long, they get clogged with the detritus of daily life – dirt, hair, old bits of unidentifiable crap, a gum wrapper maybe, a penny…oh a penny.  Sweet!  The point is, there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t necessarily unwanted (dryer lint makes awesome fires!) but it’s mostly full of stuff nobody notices.  This one’s no diff’rnt.  However, adding to the Universal Pile of Awesomeness (UPA) is the goal, so I just had to check to see if there were any pennies in there.   Found a couple.  I scraped as much of the fuzz off as I could.

Thanks for contributing: