Hyde Park Bar & Grill


If you spend enough time driving through the cozy Hyde Park district of Austin you will eventually come to a fork in the road.

Okay, that joke’s a little obvious, but if you’re looking for a place to grab brunch or a burger in central Austin then look no further.  Oh, and the fries ROCK!

Keeping with the town’s tradition of colorful, attention grabbing signage, the HPB&G’s casual exterior belies the almost continental vibe you get once you step through the front door with the linen napkins and well dressed wait staff.  Not to worry, this is the usual Birkenstock crowd you’re used to in Austin where t-shirts and flip flops are as formal as it gets. The collection of artwork adorning the walls gives it the feel of a small art-community gallery – which is in fact what it is, as the paintings are for sale.

Nestled among the historic homes where hipster meets hippie, everybody is super laid-back and friendly with the kind of service that never lets your iced tea get too low, and a pesto sauce that will sexually arouse you.


Check out the menu.

I wonder if you buy a painting if they let you put it on your check?  Did I mention the fries?


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