The Shield

Normally, blogging about a tv show is the first sign you have no life – whatsoever.  That is unless you happen to be talking about one of the best shows on television, and maybe the best dramatic series ever.

Innovative, daring, well written and masterfully acted out, the Shield is starting its final season Tuesday night on the FX network after almost a year’s hiatus.

The shield, like Rescue Me, Burn Notice and the new Battlestar Galactica is a part of a new paradigm that doesn’t follow a traditional television season or schedule.  A series might start a season late and after a few new episodes take a break, followed by a couple more new shows, and then a mid season hiatus like the one BSG fans are enduring at the moment.

In a way, it’s almost understandable.  This is not your regular small screen fare.  This isn’t Hannah Montana.  These are basically movies shot in episodic format, in most cases the story is written out several seasons in advance and becuase of their explosive popularity the shows’ stars develop movie careers that need to be worked around.  But the lengths that the production companies will go to  to stretch this all out have reached almost to the complete bullshit level. For example, Rescue Me fans have been getting fed what the network is calling “mini-sodes” during commercial breaks on FX to keep them on the hook during the long break between seasons.   It’s all like some  sort of psycho-tantric experiment to see how long the networks can prolong the excitement.

For millions of hardcore fans, relief finally comes tuesday at 9:00PM.


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