Child of god by Cormac McCarthy

Ask any cave dwelling necrophiliac; it’s the putrescence that makes it soooo good.


3 Responses to “Child of god by Cormac McCarthy”

  1. i think i just might go out and check this out. i’ve been looking for a good read.

  2. machiniman Says:

    hi question: i want to make a blog and can i post videos from youtube? is it illegal to post videos from youtube that are made by companies like roosterteeth? and are copyrighted?

  3. Embedding a YouTube video is easy. Find a YT vid you want. Next to it, near the title and info, will be an embed code. Simply cut and paste that code to your blog post.

    As far as copyright issues go, Youtube will pull a video from their site if they feel it violates the law so you might end up with a dead link.


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