Gonzo Beer in a Can!

Daves pale ale was created by a bunch of Colorodo crunchies that loved crunchy things, you know, like granola, patchouli oil, vw buses, tie dye, music festivals and backpacking. And like all dudes they love beer too, specifically gourmet beers.

Now, all these dudes wanted was to be able to hike one of Colo’s 14k’s, Yosemite or the Kaibab Trail with their favorite beers so they could chill by the evening’s campfire. But broken glass in your pack, and clothes that smell like the underside of a ballpark’s bleachers are a bummer. Not to mention when you lose all the Widespread Panic and Fish tunes you spent all that time illegally downloading onto your now dead and sticky ipod.

The Solution? Put that shit in a can.

The perception is that most canned American brews taste like aluminized 10% beer solution, so the challenge was to make some really good stuff that would make you happy when you drink it. They succeeded, and now we have Dave’s Pale Ale, a super hoppy blend that’ll clear your sunuses in a heartbeat. After one swig you’ll know that this is real beer. The judges agreed, acknowledging the now four different brews with numerous awards. Oskar Blues Brewery is now the largest canned micro brewery in the US, so check here for a distributor near you and buy Oskar Blues’ brews.

“The Canned Beer Apocalypse.”


2 Responses to “Gonzo Beer in a Can!”

  1. Those Colorado Crunchies, eesh.

    There’s some bomb ass beer up here in the AK, I must say.

    Ever had Ice Ax? It tastes like shit but apparently has the highest alcohol content of any American beer…. but still tastes like shit.

  2. Ice Axe, isn’t that a deodorant?

    In New England we had stuff called Haffenrefer,
    AKA the Heff,
    AKA the Green Death.

    Good shit Homer.

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