Guerrilla Gardening

I don’t know how guerrilla you can be once you’ve made Drudge, or how anonymous you can be when major newspapers from around the globe are running AP stories about you, but they contribute to the awesomeness that’s for sure. They are Guerrilla Gardeners. The website was started by Richard Reynolds in England, and began as a grass roots movement. (yeah, I said it.) It has since gone global in places like L.A. and Toronto. Sort of a friendly Project Mayhem.

Usually working at night, guerrilla gardeners take it upon themselves to improve barren or overgrown patches of city-scape using shovels, rakes and a keen sense of green. That easily, they make their urban environment just a bit better. Some guerrilla gardeners plant trees, some weed or water, and others use techniques like “seed bombing” where seeds are sown in a specific area to grow new plants.

You would think with words like “guerrilla” and “seed bombing” being thrown around that the authorities would do their usual thing and shut it down, but as of yet, most local community leaders seem to be either supportive or at least uninterested. It’s hip to be green right now and no politician is going to jump in front of that train. You know the local P.D. couldn’t care less. They have enough on their plate at 2:00AM with the domestic disputes and gang shootings. At least until somebody accidentally steps into traffic and there’s paperwork.

It’s something you can do, so check the site and see how you can like rage against the machine in a positive way man!


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